Welcome to the North Shore of Oahu – the 7 Mile Miracle – surfing’s Xanadu. A freak of nature that is long considered the ultimate test for surfers. Six decades ago, it was the rite of passage for a select few. Then a few more, and a few more. An image that created a fashion; a fashion that became and industry of shoes, shirts, pants, short, hats, movies, and magazines that defined a lifestyle.

A lifestyle commoditized and exploited mixing liars with legends until it's nearly impossible to separate Da Bull from Da shit. It's layers of mystique, the mystique that generates ten billion dollar years, dollars that fund pro surfing's world tour which culminates on the North Shore of Oahu. Where each year the circle completes to begin again.

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Director: Dana Brown
Writer: Dana Brown
Cast: Silverio Palacios
Juan Pérez
Dolores Heredia
Country: USA
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