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Mexico and the United States share the greatest border between the first and the third world. That makes it a bridge for thousands of migrants who expose themselves to every danger as they travel through the country on a train called “The Beast.” That’s where they meet the Patronas, a group of Mexican women who, every day since 1995, make food and toss it to the helpless as the train rushes by. This documentary is an intimate approach, a personal diary that draws a border between the life they were given and the life they chose. In the midst of a country at war, in a world where all hope seems lost, the Patronas breathe life into a human value that seems to be fading with each day: love for one another.

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Llévate mis amores
DRAMA - 108 MIN - 2014

Director: Arturo González Villaseñor
Writer: Lucrecia Gutierrez
Cast: María Karina Aguilar Romero Bernarda Romero Vásquez Daniela Romero Huerta Guadalupe González Herrera
Country: Mexico
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